Passion and perseverance may be more important than sheer talent. For those looking to up their game through a deeper understanding of the game of girls lacrosse, look no further. Winner's Edge offers camps, clinics, and indoor leagues to help you leave
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Game Procedure

Indoor league games are played with 7 field players and a GK, with 2 players kept behind the restraining line, which is the half-field line. Subbing is on the fly and you will change ends at the half. Except for the beginning of each half which will start with a draw, after each goal, we do a GK clear. The 8 meter is clearly marked but short so players receiving an 8-meter penalty shot will be instructed to take two big steps backward before play resumes. There is no 12 meter fan; we estimate its placement. Anyone receiving two yellow cards during a game will be ineligible to complete the contest the infraction occurred in. Players receiving a yellow card must immediately leave the field of play and will serve a 1 min penalty from the time play resumes. Teams are allowed to substitute for a yellow card but the player substituted cannot enter the field of play until after play resumes and must not put their team offsides or in an unfairly advantageous position when re-entering. All MS games are modified checking and there will be no marking the goalie inside of the 8 meter permitted.


Participant Conduct

Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a way that honors the game. Officials have the right to card players or benches for conduct unbecoming this great sport. Officials or staff members wil ask spectators to leave the catwalk if they are infringing on the rights of the players, coaches, staff, and officials to conduct game play in a safe environment devoid disrespectful, aggressive, or inappropriate language and behavior.